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Labour MP Canterbury, Whitstable, the villages. Chair, Women's PLP. If you're policing my 'likes' you *really* need a new hobby!

RT @MiddletonMurray: RT @MiddletonMurray: Thrilled to be at the #Thanet Jobs Fair with @cmackinlay today. Say ◽ if you're there!

RT @MohsinBilalKhan: RT @MohsinBilalKhan: So if you're planning for Umrah, now you can! #BreakingNews

Charlie Angus NDP (NDP) retweeted @rjjago :

RT @rjjago: This is so condescending. Get off your knee and on the phone, and start screaming at Quebec. You're not our Oprah, no one gives a shit if you 'feel our pain'. You're effectively the unelected President of all the Indigenous People in Canada. Twist their arms, get charges filed.…

Don Davies MP (NDP) tweeted :

Many Canadians struggle to pay for essential medications. If you're one of them, please share your story with the hashtag #yourpharmacarestory. And don't forget to email your MP vote YES for Bill C-213 the Canada Pharmacare Act!…

RT @JulesDaulby: @ruthkennedy Yes you're right, it's a clumsy tweet. My point is money is getting sucked out of the Norfolk education system while inclusion suffers. The salaries are massive yet exclusions high in region and the highest on country for under 11s - top slicing salaries while vulnerable suffer

RT @jonathancoe: A bit of googling re today's Trafalgar Square speakers, a few clicks, and before you know it you're deep into the word of Covid conspiracy theories and ... just wow.

RT @_TimBarker: Stanley Fish to Edward Said: “You're a Marxist. How come you have such a beautiful tie on?” Said: "When the revolution comes, everybody who wants to wear a tie like this, will just wear it."

RT @dundeeuni: So we decided to reassure you that you're welcome here with a Dundee-specific message too. 😃🥰 #discoverdundee @uni_scot

If you're appalled by the attacks on grassroots activists, and the abject lack of solidarity from MPs masquerading as "socialists", help us fight back by donating to our legal fund. We're taking legal against @UKLabour to obtain justice for members.👇

RT @frankieboyle: RT @frankieboyle: "I don't think you're fit to drive. Let's test my theory by you driving us somewhere."