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I have a T-1000 card. If anyone can explain the significance of this, you’ll probably win.

@sarfrazmanzoor @jackthorne Always with this! Wait in line, Manzoor. You’ll get your tweets.

@saharaguts Mainly sitting around, hoping you’ll tweet me, mate.

@julesmanools On satellite this is becoming good bit cheaper now, bit I’m hopefull you’ll get FTTP which will give up to 1000Mbps speeds. In addition one of our S4G Infill mast sites is at Whitropefoot, and is progressing, but will need to check if its coverage will reach you @ Saughtree area.

RT @annaturley: RT @annaturley: @JimfromOldham @PreetKGillMP @CoopParty Best of luck Preet - you’ll be amazing and the NEC are lovely. Enjoy x

RT @TitaniaMcGrath: You’ll also be pleased to know that Jane was transported to the ceremony in a sedan chair carried by immigrant children raised on a vegan diet and fully schooled in intersectional feminist theory.…

RT @MayorofLondon: Londoners, if you’re struggling today, remember this: Tomorrow you’ll wake up in a European city, where hundreds of languages are spoken and every race, religion, class, country and culture are represented. London will always be European, and London will always be open.

RT @simphiwedana: I have said this many times. Don’t allow the media to think for you. Otherwise you’ll end up believing Winnie Mandela killed Stompie and De Klerk deserves the Nobel Peace prize he got

@kantoor123 Oh, you’re an ANC volunteer. That’s why you’re upset. You’ll be fine. Be strong. Many countries in the world use drones. Not just Rwanda.

Carmen Leyte (spain) retweeted @mallolet :

RT @mallolet: RT @mallolet: Congratulations @PACE_President ◽◽◽◽◽◽ you’ll do a great job. Good luck!