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Dan Harris (unknown) retweeted @JsrSmith :

RT @JsrSmith: This is more than a little embarrassing for @jaimewatt. You’d think either Watt or the Star would have pulled this piece gi…

If you’d like to hear an example of patriarchal arrogance I suggest you listen to Jacob Rees-Mogg’s just completed interview on Radio4. Patronising and paranoid. I suspect his true character cam through.

RT @vonny_bravo: If you’d like to learn how to report on VAW ethically, this resource – Handle with Care – from @ZTScotland is invaluable.…

Clive Lewis MP (Labour) tweeted :

Wondered how long it was before you’d pipe up on this topic.

RT @robmcd85: The struggle is real! This is much more common than you’d imagine! #Britain2017…

Chris Elmore MP (Labour) tweeted :

If you’d like to see someone with little to know authority, having virtually no understanding of what is going on speak from the despatch box from the UK Parliament then tune in now. It has to be seen to be believed. It’s a sight to be seen. #BrexitChaos

RT @FestivalBramley: Bramley Festival 2018 - Sunday 19th August at Bramley Park! All Welcome! If you’d like to book a stall you can emai…

RT @timothy_stanley: @JuliaHB1 @bbcquestiontime I don’t! I entirely understand why you’d think I do - we were debating the merits of compro…

@HonourableHurst @LuisForRadEast If only you’d had this constructive attitude at the meeting.

Catherine Bearder (EU) tweeted :

You’d be amazed how far a British accent carries in a bar where the majority of the patrons are speaking French or another language.