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SNP MSP, H&I region, Minister for Children & Young People. Tweets mostly fun, email for work. Pharmacist, foodie & rugby fan. What’s the female for family man?

RT @ZambeziOutpost: Wings knows what’s up, and has been saying so for months. It’s the deluded Nicola supporters I feel pity for.

RT @HNadim87: Not sure what’s more dangerous anymore. Corona virus or the Fake News on Corona Virus that is causing panic and creating hurdles for effective action. My earnest request: please be responsible in your tweets & messaging. That’s the least we can do at this point. [1]

RT @EUinAus: 💬What’s not to love about Greek culture? 15 year-old Anastasia Rigopoulos asks. "Everything about it is amazing: language, music, dancing, food, traditions and history!" Congrats to Anastasia from Lalor Secondary College for winning the @EUinAus European Language Award! 🇬🇷🇪🇺🇦🇺🏆

RT @sask_ecoprogs: RT @sask_ecoprogs: Let Niki know what’s next

@UK_Yanky @BorisJohnson You are responding to a tweet you haven’t read. What’s the point of that?!

@UK_Yanky @BorisJohnson You are responding to a tweet you haven’t read. What’s the point of that?!

RT @lynbrownmp: Look what’s just arrived. I have a really exciting weekend in front of me How many crime writing friends haven’t got their entries in yet for this years ⁦⁦@The_CWA⁩ Golden Dagger competition? There are some very enthusiastic judges just awaiting your fabulous books.

RT @waltshaub: The story about forced hysterectomies at an ICE prison is horrific. What’s lost in the response is that this is one of many horrors in these hell holes that the DHS IG swept under the carpet. I hope people won’t lose interest if the one doctor doing this is brought up on charges.

RT @AnuNaganathan: RT @AnuNaganathan: What’s the safest topic to tweet on?

RT @ParksCanada: What’s better than breathing new life into something old + unused? It’s what #WasteReductionWeek is all about! Made from #upcycled commemorative banners, these #ToteBags from #ParksCanadaShop are just 1 example. Get crafty - how do you plan on reusing #textile waste?♻️ @WRWCanada