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Really enjoyed speaking at today's @IEA Clean Energy Transitions Summit, with Ministers from across the globe. Ahead of @COP26 we want all countries to submit ambitious plans to cut carbon emissions by 2030, and commit to reaching net zero emissions as soon as possible.

Looking forward to speaking at today's @IEA Clean Energy Transitions Summit. Clean energy will be central to our #GreenRecovery and ahead of @COP26, we can make progress faster by working together. 👇 Find out about our plan of action 👇 #IEASummit | #TacklingClimateChange

RT @TeamRN1: Today's daily @RoyalNavy #AdventCalendar image: The Aurora Borealis (Northern lights) illuminates the skies as @RoyalMarines of the Commando Helicopter Force, conduct Cold Weather Survival Course (CWSC) training at Bardufoss, Norway.

RT @TeamRN1: RT @TeamRN1: Today's daily @RoyalNavy #AdventCalendar image: HMS VICTORY during the snowy conditions at @HMNBPortsmouth.…

RT @joerichards: At today's campaign rally w @CarolinePidgeon our fantastic London Assembly member for @LibDems and @HackneyLD @DaveRaval awaiting @timfarron

RT @wdjstraw: RT @wdjstraw: Today's cross-party campaigning to keep Britain #StrongerIn Europe shows energy, enthusiasm & passion on our side https://t.c…

RT @johnjohnstonmi: Department for Transport confirm that there are 89 lorries taking part in today's exercise (significantly less than the 150 they suggested previously) and that they are getting paid £550 each. So £48,950 to cause a traffic jam.....

On today's National Day of Action, I stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people against Israeli Government plans for annexation of the West Bank. There should be sanctions if Israel presses ahead with its illegal plans. #StopAnnexation

RT @DrJoFrederick: Today's death figures in the UK (all settings) were the lowest on ANY day since the lockdown! Which Boris could have welcomed, if Cummings hadn't blown it for him. But, death figures for English hospitals (only) were HIGHER today than those for the UK (all settings)! #Statistics