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RT @nicksiobhan: RT @nicksiobhan: @gmpolice all of the outdoor pitches at Fives Soccer Centre Trafford are full of matches. I am sure they’re meant to be cl…

Edgar Mulder (Fractievoorzitter pvv) retweeted @JackPosobiec :

RT @JackPosobiec: RT @JackPosobiec: CNN goes to deep blue Democrat towns in Minnesota, voters tell them they’re voting for Trump

The Democratic Alliance is FINALLY coming out to defend racism. They’re coming back to their roots.

RT @LefokotsaneK: After witnessing what #EFF did for the workers in #EFFatPharmacyDirect and what they’re doing in NW for the farmworkers that were shot at by their employer, I’ve now reached a conclusion to make @EFFSouthAfrica my political home, I’ve always wanted to belong to a party that cares

@David_Moscrop They can’t be serious ? I honestly refuse to believe that they actually think what they’re saying...I might be too optimistic but 🤷‍♀️🙃

RT @bigmamashouse_: RT @bigmamashouse_: Okay but hear me out, buy this and cut it out to fit ur glasses lens and boom they’re ya go

RT @ldobsonhughes: RT @ldobsonhughes: New rule: every discussion on privilege results in reassuring the privileged person they’re individually very nice and s…

RT @michaelkoziol: My take: in journalism you decide to engage with someone based on whether they’re relevant, not based on their views. You can debate Bannon’s relevancy, but ultimately a person’s views cannot be the basis on which you deny someone a “platform”. That would be activism.

RT @ldobsonhughes: Bobbing back to talk about schools and ‘economic reopening’. Schools are now the last thing to come back. Maybe. They’re an afterthought, despite the fact most adults have children, and childcare is the biggest barrier to economic re-engagement.

RT @StrongerIn: RT @StrongerIn: Here are 18 groups the Leave campaigns think they’re smarter than. We disagree. Pls RT. https://t.c…