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RT @Holly_PJ: RT @Holly_PJ: 3. Don't be cowed. Progress has been made before due to women's efforts so there's positive potential there.

RT @MickHettrick: There's selective memory and then there's this. It's almost like the Hon. Minister has completely forgotten about the 2008 global recession.…

RT @Lynne_Currie: RT @Lynne_Currie: Ed Balls says "there's nothing" he "would reverse” about yesterday's Tory cuts budget #FMQ #VoteSNP #GE15

RT @Annemariealex: Well, there's form for tension between Number 10 and Sajid Javid over special advisers. Dominic Cummings notoriously sacked his former aide Salma Shah and had her marched out of Downing Street without Javid's knowledge last year. Exactly who is in charge here?…

RT @DeanMThomson: @Mike_Fabricant There's quite a trend of sleaze and potential criminality from the SNP right now. Salmond trial, MacKay scandal, McGarry retrial for embezzlement... sleaze sleaze sleaze.

RT @dave_apter: @BantuHolomisa @News24 Jirra, there's so much talk / speculation........ Only time will tell, but ppl are already starting to prepare for the 2019 test.

RT @Jack_Lakeland: RT @Jack_Lakeland: @oflynnsocial @PhilipDaviesUK I doubt there's been a bigger political success story.

Paul Sweeney (UKMPs) replied to @ewangibbs :

@ewangibbs I don't there's enthusiasm for any party at the moment. The most recent General Election was defined by a large number of people voting against things, rather than for things. I also think it's true that Labour voters and former Labour voters hold the party to a higher standard.

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RT @Sowellnomics: The DA situation with Brett Herron is deeply disturbing. I've read the Bowman report in full & there's not a single paragraph that implicates him in any wrongdoing. If the DA & JP Smith are against transformation & affordable housing as BH claims, the electorate needs to know.