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RT @Grouse_Beater: Postcards of wisdom Thatcher's entire reign thrived from the discovery of North Sea Oil, stolen from Scottish seas. Without the black stuff she could not have cut taxes or strangle union rights. Once more, Scotland paid its neighbour to stifle its economy and its progress.

RT @IanPBrookside: Written as a response to Margaret Thatcher's Conservative win in 1983, 'If It Happens Again' became another top 10 hit (and classic) for #UB40. Featured on their album Geoffrey Morgan (1984), it was considered a protest song of the time. Love it. #Legends

RT @Indypandi: @80_mcswan @colz261 Once more I say, even in Thatcher's government there were some decent, honourable people. Johnson's lot, nova single one; and they don't seem to give shit about public perception, they're like spoilt weans.

RT @RichardBurgon: Ridiculous. Thatcher's aim was to crush the unions to clear the way for neoliberalism. We can't tackle climate change or deindustrialisation through the unrestrained free-market. We need a Green Industrial Revolution that invests in the former mining towns Thatcher destroyed.

RT @FatalePhlegm: I'm bemused by the Left's sudden love for John Bercow. During Thatcher's reign members of the Federation of Conservative Students (FCS) wore stickers declaring: "Hang Nelson Mandela". The head of the FCS at this time was John Bercow. The FCS was banned in 1986.

RT @RogerDaCosta22: Labour built an average of 562 council houses per year. Mrs Thatcher's Conservatives? 41,343. (Full Fact 12/11/2013) #BBCQT

RT @paul4citymayor: The historic under-supply of Council Housing since Thatcher's reforms has led to this crisis - the return of overcrowding and squalor that the war generation believed they had confined to the past. There is still no reliable...…

RT @aranmlewis: RT @aranmlewis: @georgegalloway @RTUKnews @SputnikNewsUS @SputnikInt @SputnikNewsUK Thatcher's Section 28 was enacted some time after 1973,…

RT @Liam_O_Hare: The President of SCL is Sir Geoffrey Pattie. He is a former vice chairman of the Tory party, and served in Thatcher's cabinet, including as defence minister.

@WBfolkgroup @ferghallmusic Springburn Winter Gardens closed down in 1983 after a storm and during Thatcher's recession. I was born in 1989. In 2013, I founded the @SpringburnWG charity to restore the building and we have made significant progress, including stopping a partial structural collapse in 2016/7.