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RT @MrOstewart: RT @MrOstewart: That's why I got no Valentine's Day cards

RT @MathandaNcube: RT @MathandaNcube: That's why the rains are trolling us.

RT @GuyOpperman: When I became MP for #Hexham in 2010, something had to be done to provide fairer finance in the North East. That's why I helped to start the @NorthComBank. This is the story 👇

RT @alstewitn: RT @alstewitn: #RioOlympics2016 That's equal to #London2012 total & 3 #Gold clear of #CHN . Extraordinary.

RT @alstewitn: RT @alstewitn: That's 'eleven' for the non-hunting/shooting/fishing fraternity. #FiveAndAHalfBrace…

Paul Sweeney (UKMPs) replied to @patersonHT :

@patersonHT That's an extrapolation to an absurd extreme. There is no evidence of a death occurring in any of the 90 odd Safe Consumption Rooms operating globally. Even if there was, the staff on hand would be acting to prevent death occurring though first aid and Naloxone administration.

@harryhastings @Glasgow_Times @patersonHT That's fair enough. I'm not involved in any proposal for a SCR in those communities. I certainly think its worth testing it. Prohibition hasn't worked and gives criminal gangs a monopoly over the supply chain. I'd rather see use decriminalised and supply regulated by the state.

@NoSweatMate I agree, that's where the government needs to step up big time after years of cuts. This element is merely trying to give people who use drugs a safe, hygienic and undisturbed environment to use, rather than on some bit of waste ground.

RT @JackDeeth: RT @JackDeeth: .@JohnSwinney has re-affirmed that @theSNP does, after all, still support Scottish independence. Glad that's cleared up. #SN…