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RT @liambyrnemp: This recession is the biggest since the 1930s. But the Government has failed to step up to the challenge. That’s why we’re launching our campaign to Save Our Manufacturing. SIGN our letter to the Chancellor with 3 steps to save our manufacturing.…

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RT @raeviin: @WrittenByHanna Exactly, I saw an Angela Davis fan cam and that’s what did me in. Revolutionaries represent the people and to idolize them puts them in a terrible and often unsafe position.

RT @BellRibeiroAddy: Borders should never be a barrier to love and you can’t put a pricetag on family life. But that’s exactly what the minimum income requirement does to people. We should scrap it and ensure no families are forced to live apart by arbitrary salary thresholds #ScrapMIR

RT @Bhikkubodhi: RT @Bhikkubodhi: Well that’s started well......…

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RT @_akt05: RT @_akt05: That’s incorrect interpretation ... Sanyas is a condition of detachment workplace doesn’t matter.…

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We have a justice system that’s anti-women & anti-vulnerable. To make matters worse: we spend more than R350 on a perpetrator of violence in jail but shelters struggle to survive. They’re lucky if they get R50 from Gov per person. It’s too much. Our priorities ain’t right💔💔💔💔

@guardian “So when they say the way we’re going to fix covid is with a vaccine, I’m extremely cautious. That’s the mark of the beast. “They want to put chips inside of us, they want to do all kinds of things to make it where we can’t cross the gates of heaven.” - Kanye West

RT @GillionLee: @News24 @QaanitahHunter Nearly 20 000 case of COVID-19 and that’s with alcohol and cigarette ban. This ban did nothing in slowing the spread of the virus. We’re no better off than other countries with zero ban. Stop this nonsense now.

RT @hyzaidi: Meanwhile, this is the result of PTI Govt shooting off its mouth without any homework. But that’s par for the course for this incompetent government.…

RT @R_McCormack: @ronpics @Dr_PhilippaW @NicolaSturgeon @BorisJohnson That’s not how it works. E.g You cannot tell people to not go to restaurants and bars and then not have the ability to help them financially. You need the levers of both.