All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @NomanSarwarr: RT @NomanSarwarr: عمران خان کا تاریخی فیصلہ... زیادتی کرنے والے مجرمان کو " بلاول " بنا دیا جائے گا. ◽◽ #ThankYouPrimeMinister https://t.…

RT @NomanSarwarr: If you support Surgically Castration of Rapists… Retweet this tweet and be the support of Our PM. #ThankYouPrimeMinister

RT @NomanSarwarr: PMLN PPP did nothing to curb growing rape incidents. #ThankYouPrimeMinister for taking it serious and approving this law. Faisal vawda is working on draft.

RT @NomanSarwarr: RT @NomanSarwarr: Well Done Every one our HT is trending on #1 in Pakistan. #ThankYouPrimeMinister