All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @odweusthof: RT @odweusthof: NOS vs. CNN over aanslag #SriLanka

RT @ASJBaloch: Each pic with its own story. Kids R not 4rm #syria #Iraq #srilanka or from #Kurdistan but they R from #Balochistan @Limportant_fr @AskAnshul

RT @UNHumanRights: 🇱🇰 Presidential pardon granted to army sergeant over #Mirusuvil massacre in #SriLanka is an affront to victims and undermines limited progress made towards ending impunity for mass human rights abuses. 👉

RT @C_Westling: RT @C_Westling: Ibland är förövare viktiga, ibland inte... #SriLanka

RT @MediaaKhalid: Imam Shaikh Yawar Baig speaking in St George Church in Gunfoundry, Hyderabad in Solidarity with victims of #SriLanka #SriLankaAttacks, #Christians #Muslims #Hyderabad #Telangana #India

RT @airnewsalerts: @sureshpprabhu Srilanka should preserve its natural beauty and environment, harness its wind power potential: @sureshpprabhu

RT @airnewsalerts: Former Union Minister @sureshpprabhu attends #SriLanka economic summit in Colombo; outlines government strategy to steer #India to a 5 US dollars economy, terms Srilanka as a valued partner in India's growth #AIRVideos: Santosh

RT @Nehr_who: India: 1. Ranks 103 in Global Hunger index below Srilanka 2. Ranks 108 in Global Gender Gap report below Nepal 3. Ranks 141 in World Peace Index below Bangladesh 4. Ranks 140 in Happiness index below Pakistan Media: Let's Discuss Ram Mandir, Hndu-Mslm & 5 trillion Economy

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RT @bpschut: Nu er geen twijfel meer is over wie de terroristen in #SriLanka zijn, ben ik benieuwd naar alle tweets van politici, wetenschappers en journalisten die waarschuwen voor islamitische leiders, denkers en gelovigen. Of zouden die hun conclusies na Christchurch alweer vergeten zijn?