All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @srinivasiyc: RT @srinivasiyc: अगर आज खामोश रहे, तो कल सवेरा नही होगा तानाशाहों के इस दौर में, युवा बेरोजगार ही रहेगा.. #SpeakUpForJobs…

Congress (india) tweeted :

Their hopes shattered. Their dreams scattered. Their lives battered. The youth #SpeakUpForJobs The BJP must mend its ways starting with NYAY. Rs.6000 direct cash transfer to our unemployed youth and poor immediately.

Youth Congress (india) tweeted :

#SpeakUpForJobs Today 10 AM onwards. Speak up for your future, for India's future. Do not let the sleeping BJP govt damage our country any further. Upload your one min video on social media and send a missed call at 79987999854. The war against unemployment has begun!