All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @Nagaar_Pashtun: پښتو زموږ شناخت دی په دې مانا چې ځان وه پیژنو څوک چې ځان نه پیژنې هغه هېڅ هم نه پیژنې. @a_siab #ReleaseManzoorPashteen

RT @a_baitanai: RT @a_baitanai: Today will be the worldwide protest 4 #ReleaseManzoorPashteen

RT @gabeeno: RT @gabeeno: People protesting for #ReleaseManzoorPashteen in front of Pakistani Embassy in #WashingtonDC

RT @gabeeno: RT @gabeeno: In the #Bamyan province of #Afghanistan , the protest to #ReleaseManzoorPashteen has begun