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Lifelong learning / Tampere Uni. Citycouncillor & former MP. Foreign Affairs and Environment. Accepts no lobby money. Youth & Equality. No to racism.

RT @PRSforMusic: We continue to share our members’ words in support of #BlackLivesMatter and are united with them in calling out racism. Thank you @tawiahmusic for sharing yours. Visit for anti-racism resources and other ways you can help.

RT @JamesKellyLab: Some of the responses to my FMQ on anti-catholic bigotry and anti-Irish racism have been over the top. I opposed the OBFA as it was an illiberal law which targeted football fans and was ineffective at tackling bigotry. I will continue to speak out against all racism and bigotry.

RT @AngelaHaggerty: Well done @MonicaLennon7 for discussing on #bbcdn the attack on Canon Tom White and pointing out that racism and bigotry exists in workplaces and throughout society 👏👏

sipho mbatha (EFF) retweeted @PieterHowes :

RT @PieterHowes: Black people cannot be racist. Racism, the word and the horrific systems it represented, was created BY whites TO oppress anyone who is not white. Racism requires prejudice + power to qualify. NO, the Oxford dictionary definition is not accurate as it was written by whites.

RT @PieterHowes: "It's like when I say there is racism in this country, and you say to me, 'but I'm not a racist.' I'm not talking about you. If you are not racist then why are you worried?" One of my favorite Julius Malema quotes

RT @DVATW: RT @DVATW: The truth is that #BlackLivesMatter doesn't care about any other lives. It is steeped in racism and should be outlawed.

RT @Black_Doltjie: A fight against GBV doesn’t benefit men in any way, that’s why they’ll march with us in solidarity against racism and fight with their chests for cigarettes and alcohol but for GBV? They’ll wear doeks and heels and take pics for the gram.

RT @cbcnewsbc: The B.C. Ombudsperson is investigating allegations of anti-Black racism at a Vancouver community centre. @bethanylindsay spoke with Alistair Browne, who says he was racially profiled while working out at a Kitsilano gym:

RT @S1pho: @KeithMutch @fanamokoena If there are so many people who know a better way to deal with racism why have they been so quiet and inept for so long ?