All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @mushahiddawar1: Everyone accuses PTM.that PTM is being run by 🇺🇸Some say that 🇦🇫 is behind it and some say that 🇮🇳 A few days ago,Haroon Rashid said in an interview with 92 News that PTM is running by America, So he must have some evidence. @GulBukhari @mjdawar @Inamkhattakpak #AfghansWantPeace

RT @SaudDawar98: Deeply saddened about the sad demise of PTM leader Abdul Samad Khan's elder brother.He is behind the bars in fake & fabricated case due to which he couldn't participate in the funeral of his brother. How painful it is to be deprived from saying a final goodbye to your loved ones

RT @khattak: PTM leadership has already offered thier assistance and urged the Govt too to meddle in ongoing fight in District Kurram land dispute between the two tribes which has seen multiple deaths as of now.

RT @drswabiwal: اگر PTM کے مطالبات جائز اور آئینی ھے اور بقول آپ کے وہ "اپنے بچّے" بھی ھیں تو کراچی میں رینجرز کے زریعے ان کو ہراساں کیوں کیا جارھا ھے. #PashtunLongMarch2Karachi #PashtunTahafuzMovement #HumanRights @Xadeejournalist @a_siab @PashtunTM_Offi #PTM

RT @Haseeb_Askar: RT @Haseeb_Askar: پھر کہتے ہیں کہ پختون بغاوت کررہے ہیں۔ #دا_سنگہ_آزادی_دا #PashtunTahaffuzMovement #PTM

RT @Haseeb_Askar: #PTM leaders @Aliwazirna41 and Qasim Jan visit the ground adjacent to Mazar-e-Quaid where the group is organising its rally on May 13. They have also submitted an application to the authorities for permission and security of the rally. #PashtunTahafuzMovement #PTM

RT @Haseeb_Askar: RT @Haseeb_Askar: We thank Nadeem Askar for arranging peaceful seminar in Bannu today. #PTMBannu #PTM #ManzoorPashteenInBannu…

RT @IhteshamAfghan: PTM leader MNA @mjdawar raises the issue that our overseas countrymen specifically Pashtuns are facing during current lockdown throughout the globe. He urge the Govt: to arrange emergency flights for them at the lowest possible fairs as they are jobless from months.