All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @FaisalJavedKhan: .. #ProudOfPakArmedForces 1/2 Salute to our armed forces for thr unprecedented contribution towards world's peace. Whole nation is proud of them for the remarkable role rendering invaluable sacrifices of our brave soldiers - Ghazis & Martyrs for peace.

RT @Muqadas_11: #ProudOfPakArmedForces As a responding power to defend the state ,Our forces including Army, Navy and Air Force fought with iron hands to curb out terrorism through out Zarb e Azb and Radd Al Fasad operations. @FaisalJavedKhan

RT @Muqadas_11: #ProudOfPakArmedForces At every time our brave forces are ready to meet any threats and hovering planning of enemy. Our brave forces are our proud. @FaisalJavedKhan