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Foreign Minister of Pakistan.


Prime Minister of Pakistan

RT @KapilSibal: Modiji : After Jharkhand : Think less about Pakistan More about India Talk less about CAA Think more about what not to say Talk less about Congress More about economic distress Desi badal raha hai Tum bhi badal jao

RT @RanaAyyub: RT @RanaAyyub: Uttar Pradesh cop tells a Muslim during Citizenship Protest "Go to Pakistan'. Caught on video. @Uppolice…

RT @AITCofficial: Why do you always compare our nation with #Pakistan? He talks about Pakistan all day. Why? Is he their ambassador? If someone says 'give me job, I have no work' he says 'go to Pakistan' : @MamataOfficial questions PM @narendramodi at #NoCAANoNRC rally in #Siliguri

RT @Pun_Starr: Imran Khan is more worried about minorities in India & Modiji is more worried about minorities in Pakistan. Why don't they just switch places?

RT @SecKermani: In Pakistan doctors are fighting a rising number of Coronavirus cases and deaths, but are facing stretched resources and bizzarre conspiracy theories - that have even lead to hospitals being attacked by patients’ families:…

RT @dgog61: Insightful analysis of the Pakistan 'problem' and how US policy makers often get it wrong,- by @husainhaqqani . It's from 2013 but relevant to this day. Courtesy @AspenInstitute

Youth Congress (india) tweeted :

Indian diplomat Gaurav Ahluwalia harrassed in Pakistan by ISI men. Will there be stern action against Pakistan for this life threatening behaviour @narendramodi?…

#Afghanistan is Pakistan's "NEAR-ABROAD". Afghan nationalists should accept "Pakistan first principale" in strategic policy posture instead of accepting "#Indian domination" in strtageic domain. Peace routes through Islamabad not Dehli. Better sense should prevail

RT @Benazir_Shah: RT @Benazir_Shah: 4,688 new cases in Pakistan on June 3, again its highest tally to date. 82 deaths. Test done - 20,167.

RT @amnacheema55: RT @amnacheema55: Today I can proudly say that I support Nawaz Sharif. Long live Pakistan! #UNGA