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RT @nzlabour: New Zealand needs a strong, stable Government to lead us through our recovery. Now's not the time to slow down. So let's stick together, and let's keep moving.

RT @AndyEMorrison: As the PM visits Scotland, now's a great time to look at how @NicolaSturgeon has utterly failed Scotland: No sick kids hospital, increased taxes, cried for more powers then handed welfare back, ripped apart Scottish society, ruined our schools:…

RT @BellRibeiroAddy: Really relieved the Government will extend #FreeSchoolMeals for children over summer. Now's the time to look to the long-term with a bold plan to end food poverty in the UK. To make sure nobody goes hungry, we need a National Food Service and a recovery UBI 👇🏾

RT @TimesNow: #Breaking | Big diplomatic boost for India. Russia backs a permanent UNSC berth for India. TIMES NOW's Athar Khan with details.

RT @DarrenMeadows01: If you haven't seen it yet now's your chance. I, Daniel Blake is being shown on BBC2 tonight at 9.45pm. Watch it, or record it and then watch, and prepare to get very, very angry with the government. #IDanielBlake #Austerity

RT @WidelyRecycled: RT @WidelyRecycled: Joined the SNP. Now's the time for independence.

RT @ShoaibDaniyal: RT @ShoaibDaniyal: The Modi interview: 'I wasn’t surprised that Times Now's questions were sought in advance'… via @…

Now's not the time to be losing good members. Plaid needs to be bringing people together not keeping people out who can defeat the First Minister. Tomorrow, I'll publish a Labour internal email that shows how terrified they are of Plaid in Cardiff West. But ONLY if I'm standing.

RT @ETNOWlive: ET NOW's @NayantaraRai in conversation with @HardeepSPuri the Union Minister for Aviation, Housing & MoS for Commerce.…

Andrew Gwynne MP (Labour) tweeted :

📰READ: This Mother's Day, I'm proud to be supporting Breast Cancer Now's campaign, helping to raise money for their ground-breaking research.