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RT @Arun2981: Colombo pe koi tweet aaya? Vaise newzealand attack pe bhi nahi aaya tha shayad 🤔…

RT @KhaledBeydoun: The front cover of the #NewZealand Press this morning: Salaam = Peace.

RT @KhaledBeydoun: “The Heroine” | This is Ara Parvin, 42. She and her husband, Farid, left Bangladesh and settled in #NewZealand in 1994.…

Thank you the sisters of NewZealand,showing solidarity with scarves🤲🙏💐❤️

RT @muftitaqiusmani: The worst kind of Terrorism in a mosque of #NewZealand that took life of 50 innocents is committed by this gun clearly…

Respect for H E PM.of NewZealand🙏

Massacre in a mosque in #Christchurch #NewZealand is dangerous sign of hatred in the name of religion. It’s time to eliminate the terrorism to save the humanity

Berîvan Aslan (Grüne) tweeted :

You are killing us! Racism kills us! #NewZealand