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RT @EstherMcVey1: Covid 19 has shown our military’s defence & logistical capabilities -building hospitals & saving lives Isn’t it time the NHS joined forces with our military’s medical teams to share expertise to fight this & future pandemics? Listen to the discussion 🎧

RT @FreehaINXS: RT @FreehaINXS: "First there is practically no civilian oversight of the military’s campaign against violent extremism." - @a_siab https:/…

RT @AshrafUzma: @husainhaqqani Indeed a realistic analysis of military’s political role. Since the inception of the state, it has always undermined people’s will. A bitter #fact.

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RT @TPM: RT @TPM: Joint Chiefs chair says no changes to military’s transgender policy yet

Israeli military’s new chief rabbi implied soldiers can rape in war,and that Jews should burn Holy Bible.

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RT @sfharris: RT @sfharris: Pugliese: The Canadian military’s war against a soldier’s family | Ottawa Citizen…