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Leader of @ScottishLabour. Let's build a Scotland that works for everyone.

RT @MattyTrenholm: Let's do this! Election day! Get out and vote! Vote @MattyTrenholm Maple Ridge and Mission! Vote @BCGreens! Together, we can make a difference. #bcpoli #BCelxn2020 #SaturdayMorning

RT @sameeha_rehman: Let's have an inclusive, progressive and community cohesive independence campaign that champions the contribution of New Scots and ensures the asset they are to Scotland is proudly acknowledged. Please vote #1 to elect me as your @theSNP BAME Convenor #SNPConference2020

Jack Dromey MP (Labour) tweeted :

No place to hide: Let's 'name and shame' #Birminghamworst landlords, urges MP - Birmingham Live…

RT @OrkambN: @KarlTurnerMP Nice words but let's be truthful about this, they have no urgency and are happy to let people suffer. It's the same old statements from them over and over again…

RT @ALFREYALFREY: Agree with @georgegalloway the absolute priority for Labour MPs is to get the Tories out. Let's start 2019 with a GE & get rid of this loathsome Gov who have brought misery & suffering to the many & horrifically brought suicide to some as they suffered under Tory austerity policy…

RT @HousePriceMania: Just read a rumor that #TheresaMay will face a #LeadershipChallenge in the next week. Let's hope so, bring in a #Leave supporter and get rid of property portfolio Phil while we're at it. Quick General Election then we can move on. Here's hoping #FingersCrossed

RT @frankieboyle: RT @frankieboyle: "I don't think you're fit to drive. Let's test my theory by you driving us somewhere."

RT @ramprasad_c: Let me speak on behalf of all the sane people Let's not change things based on what crazy conspiracy theorists say Please ignore these deranged idiots…

On #WorldChildrensDay let's pledge that every child in Pakistan will get digitally registered for the better future of our future generations. #DBR_Universalchildrenday

RT @TheAkshayVara: RT @TheAkshayVara: @SaqlainAChoudry @BobBlackman Mate, let's be real here, no Hindu is anti anything. We are genuine pluralists.