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RT @WoganMay: Should be live for most people now - let's all follow along as @CyrilRamaphosa attempts to build 1 million houses in Alex over the next five years.

RT @theSNP: ☕️ Outdoor hospitality can re-open today across Scotland. 💛 Let's all stay cautious, follow the rules, and keep safe to ensure the virus doesn't recede. 👇 @NicolaSturgeon outlines the guidance.

Alka Lamba (india) retweeted @MajorPoonia :

RT @MajorPoonia: RT @MajorPoonia: If Cdr Jadhav gets hanged for being FALSELY accused as a RAW agent,let's hang the entire gang of Huriyat for being REAL ag…

RT @Bombshells202A: Let's help Jasmine finish raising money for kids with cancer. She is just £60 from her target of £200. She is cutting her hair for wigs to be made for children cancer sufferers. Lets help get that £60 please RT.…

Ali Esbati (sweden) retweeted @loyalfrds :

RT @loyalfrds: RT @loyalfrds: Let's go big boy ◽

RT @1alexhemingway: Let's build 10,000 publicly-owned, permanently-affordable rental homes in this region every year. Check out @MarcLeeCCPA's latest.…

Ged Killen (UKMPs) retweeted @LGBTLabour :

RT @LGBTLabour: As Dominic Raab is appointed as Brexit Secretary let's not forget that this is a man who attempted to repeal the Human Rights Act and argued that feminism was bigotry. This Tory government cannot and must not be trusted with our rights after Brexit.

RT @LabourRichard: RT @LabourRichard: Harry was the best of us. Let's make sure what he fought for is not forgotten.…

RT @ToniaAntoniazzi: #Gower voted remain but nobody voted to be worse off. Let's put a deal back to the people🗳️ 🌹Labour's position in Gower is clear: ✅Lets put a deal back to the people ✅Remaining in the EU must be on the ballot ✅I will be campaigning to remain

RT @CalderFriends: Join us tomorrow for a litter pick at Greenhall Park! Let's see who can find the most unusual bit of #litter! Be like Keeta - let's get rid of the litter! More here 👉 @KSBScotland #UpstreamBattle @haughey_clare @Gedk @morazzaq @CllrChalmersSNP