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COVID 19 is real. We need to unite to stamp it out. Let's be kind to each other. MP for Waiariki. Authorised Tāmati Coffey, Parliament Buildings, Wgtn.

RT @TamaraSithole: A reading nation is a leading nation! Let's support the #QuarantineBookClub by sharing our current reads using this hash tag.

RT @VoiceOfFranky: Just wondering why the plethora of (let's politely call them ) critical views of the government's actions have become even more strident on social media just as most of the public have become more supportive, in our polling ? An interesting disconnect that needs more research

Min. Nathi Mthethwa (ANC) tweeted :

Daddy ka Valdo @LinDough_SA and his son have an important conversation about the Coronavirus pandemic. Let's continue to teach all South Africans 🇿🇦, young and old about these preventative measures. #Covid19inSA #Day4

RT @ClareAldus: Really worthwhile new #APPGDementia and @alzheimerssoc report. Let's end disability discrimination in #dementia! @Debbie_abrahams…

RT @charleypif: RT @charleypif: let's get #RyanKennedy trending. He's a 9 yr old boy with brain cancer in hospice.His wish is to trend on twitter. #payi ...

RT @IndiaAntiNRC: @nilanjanaroy Plz pay attention & let's also hear sane and concerned voices even if they have different sounds. We need to save all the energies for a very long fight. @brumbyoz @yehlog @imMAK02 @deepsealioness @khanumarfa @tamashbeen_ @nuts2406 @hatefreeworldX @sushant_says @kavita_krishnan

RT @WaveIzzy: RT @WaveIzzy: Lockdown will start at midnight, let's use this 21 days to #PrayForSouthAfrica

RT @lyssalikesnoone: They are going to be doing their part so let's do ours Not only the police/military but docs/nurses, cashiers at supermarkets etc Let's keep them and their families in our prayers STAY HOME. #PrayFortheWorld #PrayForSouthAfrica #21dayShutdown #Covid19

RT @Noma_Guguu: Let's continue to ask our Lord to protect and keep these guys as they combat the spread of covid19. #21MidnightPrayers #PrayForSouthAfrica #StayHomeSA #GautengCOVID19 #21daylockdownSA

RT @DrAnahsor: Let's remember these scholars were arrested for peacefully protesting against the Taliban and the systematic harassment, abduction and killing of Pashtoons. Those smiles are absolutely beautiful. #ReleasePTMActivists…