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RT @KPDOAMOfficial: Images of Buddha 'Bodhisattva' from Peshawar Museum to feature in Japan’s schoolbooks. KP govt provided the requisite images to publisher in Japan, which were highly appreciated by the authorities in Tokyo. #KPArchaeology

Rajnath Singh (india) tweeted :

The meeting with Japan’s Defence Minister of Japan, Mr @konotaromp was excellent. It was our second meeting within a month. We had wide-ranging discussions on ways to further boost the India-Japan strategic relationship and defence cooperation. @konotarogomame

Pleasure to attend this evening’s reception to celebrate Japan’s National Day and Emperor Hirohito’s birthday with Ambassador Ishikane ⁦@JapaninCanada⁩ #cdnpoli

Where is the Environment Minister? Why y isn’t she stepping up to help stop Japan’s push to drop a 30-year ban on commercial whaling? Is it incompetence, disregard or just disinterest in her new environment portfolio?…

RT @markdreyfusQCMP: It’s been three years since our victory at the International Court, ruling Japan’s whaling program unlawful. But whales are again being slaughtered in Southern Ocean. Will Turnbull have the guts to raise with Abe in Japan? Or say nothing like Abbott?

Looks like Japan’s luck just ran out... Ching Ching POW !! Come back yomhlaba there of Belgium. Bendisancoma

Petr Ježek (EU) retweeted @planetepics :

RT @planetepics: RT @planetepics: Japan’s highest mountain, Mount Fuji, cutting through the clouds

RT @LinkeviciusL: Touching moment in native Kaunas. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pays tribute to legendary Chiune Sugihara, Japanese diplomat and Righteous Among the Nations who saved 6000 Jews during the Holocaust. The symbol of true humanity.

Joanna Tuffy TD (labour-party/Dublin Mid-West) retweeted @conradhackett :

RT @conradhackett: RT @conradhackett: About a quarter of Japan’s population is 65 or older…