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Diane Abbott (Labour) tweeted :

Tories are pretending it's those nasty Conservatives who: undermined our NHS cut funding for schools slashed police funding caused the Windrush scandal stalled the economy + much more But this is all a big CON. Don't let them get away with it. Vote Labour!

RT @SourabhBhatt15: The best part about AK's speeches is the way he connects with people, It's like he is having one to one conversation, h…

Rupa Huq (Labour) tweeted :

It's been the greatest honour of my life to represent the seat I grew up in and communities I still liver amongst since 2015 twice in Parliament, Here's why I'm standing to be MP for Ealing, Acton and Chiswick again:

RT @sheenaabidashah: If you have a short memory It's just a glimpse of pre Nawaz #Pakistan👇 #NationStandsWithNawaz

RT @sheenaabidashah: It's 4 ' o clock , Lahore is not sleeping , #Lahore is making history like ever , Lahore is not hiding , Lahore will n…

RT @ceh013: .@MyBodyBackProj Glasgow- AMAZING. The staff are SO GOOD- counselling, nursing, doctor, everyone. It's been a tough day, they g…

Sadananda Gowda (india) tweeted :

It's very unfortunate and painful to hear about the loss of lives in the Tragic Anaj Mandi Fire incident. My heartfelt condolences to the families of the deceased. I wish the injured a speedy recovery.

RT @ShoaibBilal92: @ShkhRasheed When he attends a #PTI jalsa he's called "Sheikhu Sheikhu". At a #PAT jalsa it's "Sheikh Rasheed Zindabad".

RT @sabena_siddiqi: #ExpressTribuneMisleadingUs All India can befriend as it negates it's own geography is Trump's America. Is .@etribune…

RT @MukelaniDimba: @mthombothi @wasemambatheni Yup, between Ace and Jessie's statements this weekend, it's clear that war has been declare…