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@UKLabour Member of Parliament for Alyn & Deeside. Email for help if you are a constituent, or call 01244 836350 if it's an emergency.


It's a calling. Dunedin, NZ, my place. Tech possibilities, NZ quality voices, faces & stories my thing. Protector of democracy. Never gives up on impt stuff

Rachel Reeves (Labour) tweeted :

In difficult times, it's heartening to see the University of Leeds at the forefront of the fight against #Coronavirus / #COVID19.…

Liam Byrne (Labour) tweeted :

Amongst the many, many lessons of this crisis is this: it's time for a serious to rebuild the moral - not market economy. An old idea where markets were not merely 'free' but fair My long read πŸ‘‡

RT @AnandWrites: β€œIf we're going to have true social change, it's going to come through the private sector," said billionaire hedge funder Paul Tudor Jones. Paul. PAUL. PPAAUULL. The only problem with this idea is that it is the opposite of what is true.…

RT @WestRidingMatt: Well, I can no longer make a GP's appointment unless it's urgent. I can't rock up and hope for an appointment. Basically, unless I'm dying I can't see a doctor. Thanks @nhsfife, thanks @theSNP. Time for @willie_rennie to bring up in Holyrood?

RT @devisridhar: I don't know. It's not just me- not listening to WHO, @BillGates , South Korean senior officials, German doctors, Editor of the Lancet, many academics from around the world who work on health security. It's baffling.

RT @metoffice: We've seen a new #pressure record for #March today and it's one of the highest pressures we've measured in almost 100 years

sipho mbatha (EFF) retweeted @OlebogengLB :

RT @OlebogengLB: RT @OlebogengLB: It's safe to say either Vatiswa or Rami have a cousin at Glamour yes?

RT @BootstrapCook: "I'm afraid I haven't budgeted for any unpaid work this period. I don't need exposure, YOU approached ME. If it's a misunderstanding and this is an appropriately renumerated gig, I'll grab my diary. My rates for this are Β£XX, plus agreed expenses. Hope we can make this work!"

RT @BootstrapCook: >>>It's over to you now. You want it? Come and get it. Use: #JackMonroesLockdownLarder And tag me, @bootstrapcook I'll do my damn best for you. No shiny cameras. No fancy gear. Just you, me, and whatever we can salvage from the apocalypse. I'm here for you. Always. ❀️

RT @LucyRigby: Number of ppl forced to sleep rough is a reflection of kind of society we are. That number fell under Lab; it's up every year under Tories.…