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Romeo Saganash (NDP) retweeted @LeahGazan :

RT @LeahGazan: #Motion46 in support of a Guaranteed Livable Basic income is TRENDING!!!! Let’s keep the pressure on! It’s time that all individuals in Canada live in dignity!!!! @BasicManitoba @basicincomecdn #NoComradesUnder1k #nocomradesleftbehind @ubi_works

RT @brianlilley: He’s got a gorgeous 5,000 sq ft cottage on a private lake with a fleet of boats. It’s fully secured by the RCMP and he doesn’t bother the locals there. So why is @JustinTrudeau taking his Gatsbyesque life to Ontario’s cottage country? Read & RT #cdnpoli…

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RT @MrPhamodi: 4. Implications: It’s late on the DTT front. MultiChoice bought SABC illegally (for 5 cents) to change encryption policy to consolidate & guarantee its control over premium content & TV matket ahead of listing (this was always the game plan). DTT BENEFITS NO LONGER VIABLE.

RT @MrPhamodi: 2. Examples: It’s NOT an “alleged rape,” BUT an “alleged rapist.” Women are not alleging they were raped, they are alleging that the accused rape them. Similarly, @eNCA: It’s NOT an “alleged hit” taken out on Cheryl Zondi, BUT a “hit allegedly taken out on Cheryl Zondi”.

RT @MrPhamodi: 3. This may seem like a minor aesthetic issue around grammar, but it’s not. How we use language when reporting on violence - particularly VAW - matters for how we understand what’s in dispute and handle it through the system & especially in the discourse.

RT @MrPhamodi: 5. Footnote: It’s only when defense of understanding of events btwn complainant & accused is raised as a defence (and only in very specific cases) that we go into the secondary inquiry of whether 1) criminal conduct was justified OR 2) “alleged crime” was even committed at all.

RT @AnnelieseDodds: Make no mistake: the UK is now mired in a jobs crisis the like of which we haven’t seen in decades. It’s not too late for the Chancellor to change course, but he must act now and stop his damaging one-size-fits-all withdrawal of wage support.…

RT @RaquelRoseBrow1: It’s been 6 long months but I’m seizure free and I can drive now!!!! 🤗 Now I just gotta start giving everyone rides who helped me out :)

RT @Anthony__Koch: It’s starting to look like this 921 million dollar contract (43.5 million of which was to be in “administration fees” paid to the charity) was a not so subtle way to get the money needed to pay off the crippling debt/mortgages on those assets. #cdnpoli…

RT @AdleeDeadly: Gonna sell this guitar for just 10000mrf. Bought it from Germany, played just 2 gigs there. It’s called little benson, selling it because I need to buy a camera. so if anyone’s interested pls let me know. Pls do Retweet for me 🙏🏽 the actual price is 19090 Mrf & u save 9000mrf 🙌🏽