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@Our_DA Federal Leader, Leader of the Official Opposition: Parliament of RSA. Constitution loving liberal, passionate about RSA and it’s future!


Labour MP for New Lynn. My Twitter is mostly personal but sometimes it’s not. Authorised by D Russell, 1885 Great North Rd, Auckland

To see the#AuroraAustralis sold overseas or for scrap without pause to assess its cultural values, let alone it’s economic value, to the Tasmanian community and to Australia broadly, would be an act of betrayal. #politas #auspol #Antarctica…

RT @jackhaines98: On #UniMentalHealthDay it’s important to talk about how big the issue is to so many students. It’s ok to not cope with deadline stress, it’s ok to feel homesick, it’s ok to be human and ask for help. University’s have a responsibility to make sure the help is there for us.

RT @jreynoldsMP: I’ve seen many protests outside Parliament but not many like this one before. It’s young and diverse. No serial protestors or the usual SWP signs. Just people asking to be heard. Let’s listen to them #BlackLivesMattter

RT @Lindsey35791: @laureleccles @Cybrarian64 @VictorK43995989 @georgegalloway It’s the only radio show I listen to. One day I might be brave and phone in😂. It’s reassuring to hear others who are of similar mindset. It does indeed put despair in hold for three hours. Petition signed 👍🏼👍🏼

RT @Owen_Riches: I’ve decided to rejoin the Labour Party - and to join @OpenLabour for the first time. In these difficult times, it’s important that the Labour Party operates as a broad-church to hold the government to account. We need a progressive Prime Minister in 10 Downing Street.

RT @NDPHoC_NPDCdC: .@ThomasMulcair: Will @MaryamMonsef acknowledge that it’s actually her own statements that are undermining #ERRE committee’s work? #cdnpoli

Richard Burden (Labour) tweeted :

It’s not road pricing as usually understood. I’d want to look closer at some of the details but the “Road Miles” scheme backed by @AAPresident is the kind of far-sighted thinking we need about how to pay for mobility on our roads. Full details here…

RT @ialexxolo: @zilevandamme Tell them... I will never understand the business that people have with women’s body, policing them. It’s annoying... kudos to you🙏🙏

RT @MathGW: Given that the excess deaths rate in England is almost double that of Wales, I would argue that it’s English people who deserve an explanation about decisions taken on their behalf…

RT @SarahTrotmannz: I just heard a wonderfully empathetic and informed response from @JudithCollinsMP on the issue of #Housing and it’s impact on #Inequality @NZNationalParty is fiscally responsible and also committed to solutions to the complexity of our social problems