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RT @suhrith: There isn’t a great deal that constitutional courts can do in situations like this, but this is something they can do: hold the executive accountable, demand that the government performs its basic responsibilities.

RT @wdjstraw: RT @wdjstraw: This isn’t “taking back control” (via @thetimes #PeoplesVote

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RT @chip_blip: RT @chip_blip: @jjhorgan "More natural gas isn’t a “middle ground” — it’s a climate disaster"… #lng #bcpoli

RT @LindasymesLinda: RT @LindasymesLinda: New images of the ice rink opening in the Guildhall Square November 18th,isn’t this a great place to live. https://t.c…

RT @MonicaLennon7: @euanmccolm Misogyny pollutes society; Labour isn’t immune from it despite our achievements on equality. I’ve experienced it and I believe we must do better at candidate and staff vetting. FWIW, women shouldn’t be shamed or held to account for how men behave. That’s how Twitter feels today.

Ged Killen (UKMPs) replied to @fmeikle :

@fmeikle Unison and GMB members have gone on strike because progress isn’t happening quick enough. Why do you think?

@Glasgows_girl @KentFyne @theSNP The SNPs nationalism isn’t imposed upon them, it’s their own ideology. Plaid had no problem voting for it. Aye, no, and abstain are all legitimate options. I voted aye and SNP abstained. Nothing illegitimate about it, I just think they’re wrong to put nationalism above all else.

Ged Killen (UKMPs) tweeted :

Spot on @claire_tigher. There are many things wrong with Theresa May’s deal, the backstop isn’t one of them.

RT @lucianaberger: Rather than trying to enable a Tory #Brexit, we should be honest with the public. There isn’t a deal better than the one we’ve got.…

Ged Killen (UKMPs) tweeted :

A long delay for what purpose? The problem isn’t that we have run out of time to negotiate, it’s that the PM refuses to accept she has failed. Any extension to article 50 must be used to give the public a final say.