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President of the Islamic Republic of Iran


Peace, nuclear disarmament, Iran. European idea, regions and green economy.

We need to avoid the situation with Iran escalating further. A war on Iran could be even more damaging and destabilising than the war on Iraq. We need to avoid being the sidekicks of Donald Trump and John Bolton and instead pursue the path of diplomacy.

RT @geertwilderspvv: Saudi-Arabia, Iran and Pakistan are perilous #terrorstates. No #freedom but #islam. No #RuleOfLaw but #ShariaLaw. T…

RT @geertwilderspvv: Saudi-Arabia, Iran and Pakistan are perilous #terrorstates. No #freedom but #islam. No #RuleOfLaw but #ShariaLaw. T…

RT @BBCNews: There will be "serious consequences" if Iran does not release a British-flagged tanker seized in the Gulf, UK Foreign Secretar…

Illegal seizure by Iran of the British vessel in the #HormuzStrait is unacceptable and destabilising. Estonia calls for an immediate release of the tanker and its crew. Freedom of navigation must be maintained.

Hanif Bali (sweden) retweeted @TartarCon :

RT @TartarCon: ”Antikolonialt styre” ... Iran har aldrig varit kolonialiserat. Kids these days know litterally shit about the world. http…

RT @HumanRightsOWED: 1224 GMT Weds 17 July 2019 What is the @UN doing to #freeNazanin from Iran today? @BobBlackman @TulipSiddiq

Anne GENETET (france) tweeted :

🇫🇷🇮🇷 Le maintien de relations de confiance et apaisées entre l’#Iran et la #France me semble la seule voie possible. J’organiserai demain la première réunion du groupe d’amitié France - Iran depuis que j’en ai pris la présidence. @LaREM_AN @AN_AfEtr @desarnez @IRANinFRANCE

RT @shadiB36079942: .@BobBlackman: “Theocracy has no future in Iran. Iran has a better future because it has a democratic alternative, a le…