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Piyush Goyal (india) retweeted @UL_India :

RT @UL_India: RT @UL_India: "India has largest renewable energy ramp-up plan in world, of 175 GW, 5X from current capacity" - @PiyushGoyal.

Parmjeet Parmar (unknown) tweeted :

With a foot in both wlds-NZ & India, I’s so proud to hear from Ravi Shastri recently that NZ is a part of start of his stellar cricketing career. In WLG, where yday’s test match btw NZ & India was, is the same place where he, now a team coach, made his test match debut 39yrs ago.

RT @SofieWWFBe: Governments, scientists and NGOs are coming together this week in India to increase protection of migratory species at CMS COP13. Ecological connectivity is key in this. Migratory species connect the planet and together we should welcome them home!

RT @Anurag_Office: What are the different ways in which “BRAND INDIA” is promoted by each one of us ? • MoS @ianuragthakur delivers the Keynote at NexBrands Awards, Mumbai

RT @Anurag_Office: RT @Anurag_Office: What fuels “Brand ◽◽ India” ? MoS @ianuragthakur at NexBrands Awards, Mumbai

RT @AdvaitaKala: RT @AdvaitaKala: 'RSS's reverence for Babasaheb not new' - Dr Manmohan Vaidya on RSS and Dr Ambedkar Times of India

RT @AdvaitaKala: Trains still the best way to “discover” India - love this clip set to the tune from the strings of Pt Ravi Shankar’s sitar. #gandhi150

RT @Jinxie_Al: RT @Jinxie_Al: So a Hindu Girl can't even make Muslim Friends? Why People still say INDIA is a secular and Democratic Nation? https://t.c…