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Ain Tohvri (estonia) tweeted :

Anyone with brains, i.e. with some mathematical capability, understands that mass-testing is the fastest way out of the #COVIDー19 crisis. It's sad we need Oxford to confirm that.

@barelyjoshua This is a Lib Dem *amendment* i.e. a suggestion by a minor party; not a government proposal.

RT @LewisFeilder: Change UK is now officially the most misleadingly named party in the UK. They want to keep us in the EU - i.e. the opposite of change. They have narrowly pipped at the post the Liberal Democrats, who are neither liberal nor democratic.…

RT @gabriel_zucman: Sorry, @GroverNorquist, but you'll need to update your defense. This chart shows the effective tax rate, i.e., the dollar amount of taxes collected divided by pre-tax income, for each group of the population. This graph is one of the key novelty of our book out next week…

RT @WelshBoyBlue_: As a citizen of the UK, I.e. Wales, Scotland, England and N Ireland, I will not allow Scotland to be dragged out of the United Kingdom. It isn’t London doing anything, it is the elected reps of every nation in the UK. Not very bright @IanBlackfordMP…

RT @hansmollman: RT @hansmollman: On the last Thurs of Nov '16, 6,825 patients were delayed in transfer of care (i.e discharged, moved to social care).

Thx .@avanishkprasad Ji 4 covering my dream projecting of making myself i.e. area MLA, a democratically chosen political representative available, accountable n answerable to one n all through Mohalla Sabhas, connected WhatsApp groups n now E- Mohalla meetings empowering d Janta.

RT @Raffiatim: @SwitcherNZ @BexGraham @SiouxsieW Countries with strong committed lockdowns will come out of this first - i.e. China, Singapore, Sth Korea, Aus & NZ. - who will probly form the earliest post-Covid trading bloc globally. They shd stop moaning & plan for this!

RT @MikeBrewerEcon: In the last recession (i.e. after the financial crisis) low-income working families whose earnings fell could get adjusted tax credit awards after any fall in earnings. There is now a disregard which means you get nothing extra for the first £2,500/year fall.

RT @noclador: Wow! 1000s of people were infected with the #CoronaVirus in #Ischgl in Austria: i.e. #Norway: 491 of 1198 infected Norwegians #Denmark: 139 of 875 infected Danes #Iceland: 29 of 138 infected Icelanders #Germany: too numerous to count and #Ischgl refused to close it's ski arena!