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RT @SamTarry: I've voted @AngelaRayner number 1 for Deputy Labour Leader. If you're #ReadyforRayner click below to let everyone know…

RT @BootstrapCook: I've just spent an hour going over the expenses claims of the Tory MPs who voted to take free school meals from the poorest children in the UK. They average Β£180,000 a year of taxpayers money, plus Β£77k basic. The threshold for FSM is Β£7,400 a year. 1/34th of the above. πŸ€”

RT @Rees4Neath: Self-isolation brings new challenges for victims of #DomesticAbuse. I've joined the @EIDAorg because we must all play our part in tackling the scourge of domestic abuse. Employers in our Neath constituency and across Wales can join here, too:

Bill Bowman MSP (unknown) tweeted :

Here's what I've been up to this week

Bill Bowman MSP (unknown) tweeted :

Here's some things I've been doing this week

RT @BootstrapCook: RT @BootstrapCook: I've watched this a dozen times on a loop and it gets better every time β—½…

RT @BootstrapCook: I'm COOKING ON TELLY tomorrow and I've been asked to choose three recipes and I'm getting proper stressed about it!! I've written over a thousand how am I meant to pick three?!!!! So I've decided to let you pick for me - what are your fave three recipes of mine?! 😁

RT @BootstrapCook: I just want to say, for every single person who has sent me a nice supportive message today, I've read every one, and I'm so glad you believe in me. I'll keep doing what I do, for free, for all of you, for as long as you'll have me. ❀️