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RT @MattEngland1998: RT @MattEngland1998: Probably the most informative Conservative video I've seen. This man cannot become our Prime Minister.…

Ain Tohvri (estonia) tweeted :

Someone should in-depth "State of #ecommerce in 2020". I've had 1 failed delivery by DHL/Amazon today and one failing shopping basket. 100% #ecom failure and it is not entirely uncommon. The field is too dysfunctional for what it can afford.

@ButcherMartin @greiglawson1977 @paulmasonnews I've already said that I disagreed with that analysis. In fact I was in the papers saying so last week. The fact that I'm currently unemployed makes me all too aware of how long and treacherous the road back is, but my generation of young members is determined to lead it there.

RT @Mike4Labour: I've now moved to Newham, primarily to be closer to my office in central London. I can't wait to get stuck in and do more with @easthamlabour, @stephenctimms, @rokhsanafiaz and the many many activists in London. (7/-)

RT @ProfesseurFreud: ACCC Chairman "I've been a very strong advocate of privatisation ... I believe it enhances economic efficiency... I'm now almost at the point of opposing privatisation because... I think it's severely damaging our economy."…

@Andrew4BW Outrageous! You can clearly see from my endorsement page I've got support from all other the place ◽

RT @AlexBoyd: Hey everyone! I've made a new book on St Kilda to raise money for charity. ALL my author profits will go to support the work of the @N_T_S. If you give it a share I'll enter you into a competition to win a signed copy. Thanks x…

Charlie Angus NDP (NDP) tweeted :

I've been called a lot of things but never corn-fed. Is that an insult? His wiki bio says he received $500 from Mike Duffy for being Mike's Sir Galahad online. He said he spent 80-100 hours fighting for Duffy on twitter but that his normal rate was $100an hour. I kid you not

RT @Belle03158368: @BantuHolomisa I've always liked you, Mr Holomisa. It is such a pity that good people like yourself have such little say in the running of our country. May you be blessed.

RT @LEMcClelland: I've had such a great time running a workshop @gruene_jugend 52nd Federal Congress Meeting 500 activists passionate about system change, campaigning for the environment, and creating an open and sustainable Europe Thank you for welcoming me so warmly 💚🙏🌈 #BeBraveGreenEurope