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I'm a federal MP from the great Illawarra! Authorised by Sharon Bird, 74 Crown Street, Wollongong


I'm the SNP Member of the Scottish Parliament for the Falkirk East Constituency. Retweets are not endorsements. Email -

@rose_mary_jane Yours is a tough gig. I'm rooting for you. X

RT @callummay: RT @callummay: Is "I'm from the Vatican, you're f**ked" the new "I'm the bishop of Southwark, it's what I do"?…

When I see the people condemning it, I'm very confused as to who the Establishment is anymore.

@Mrs_AhmedZaman Clearly out of order; I'll be asking questions in parliament. Know the feeling - I'm a commuter too.

Just made it back home from the count. I'm disappointed with the result, which I respect. And I'm going to have a beer.

Did Labour do enough in this referendum? I'm glad you asked. A short leader approved statement follows:

RT @STJamesl: RT @STJamesl: Kelvin Hopkins, who campaigned for Labour Leave, was at shadow cabinet I'm told #jexit

@TheAlethiophile I'm still having it, btw. Staring at words until I'm convinced they're not.

RT @angelaeagle: RT @angelaeagle: I'm glad Labour's NEC has come to a decision. I welcome the contest ahead. And I am determined to win it…

RT @angelaeagle: RT @angelaeagle: Today I'm pleased to sign the #KeepItComradely pledge. I hope all candidates and others will do so too…