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Eeyou from Eeyou Istchee. J’m vaquer vers d’autres intérêts, just life after politics. I’m like when I’m on my land _ I observe


I represent the people of Brisbane’s inner south, and I’m the Australian shadow minister for the environment and water.

RT @ldobsonhughes: 4. Most importantly, children have a universal right to quality education. It is an international obligation. I’m not sure why this hasn’t featured more. Maybe because we take it for granted? We don’t educate kids because it’s useful to adults, or an economic driver

(Yeah I’m not convinced @Twitter, bots can simply reinforce their argument by respond by Qoute Tweeting their own false narrative? Where’s the function to report a tweet as dis- and misinformation? Hire fact-checkers or an AI solution?)

RT @StrongerIn: RT @StrongerIn: Richard Branson says remain: I’m risk-taker but “leaving EU is not a risk I would want to take” #BBCDebate…

RT @StrongerIn: RT @StrongerIn: Richard Branson says remain: I’m risk-taker but “leaving EU is not a risk I would want to take” #BBCDebate…

Having pushed hard for on behalf of my constituents in Windsor I’m pleased to hear that businesses in leisure & hospitality (restaurants, pubs, clubs & bars) will get further support! The 10pm rule etc placed huge pressures. This will help @rbwm @BracknellForest #HandsFaceSpace

RT @sheffield_tug: I’m still quite sore about that. While I was cycling champion I received countless assurances from officers that IKEA would put a cycle track in only to be told after planning that other officers had agreed to drop it because of difficulties Happens too often at SCC

RT @pocket_rocket96: So DM tries to groom a 16yr old and gets an immediate mental health assessment. Meanwhile over 2 yrs later I’m still waiting for an urgent referral to psychology after 2 suicide attempts linked to flash backs of the child sex abuse I suffered. Scotland’s shame right enough.

Uffe Elbaek (unknown) tweeted :

1) I’m so motivated and happy because of the global response to the SoMe-rescue-campaign for #12HKyouths. And to all of you: Please take a picture of your self with a poster saying: #save12hkyouth. I did it. You should too. #IPAC #StandWithHongKong…

Christine Jardine (UKMPs) tweeted :

@stellacreasy is presenting this bill in Parliament today, it’s important and I’m proud to be signatory. #Equality #EqualPay

RT @HMorganThompson: I’m voting @LisaNandy number 1 for Labour Leader tomorrow because she's the candidate most in touch with what people really care about - and has the credibility to get people to put her into Downing Street. #1LisaNandy…