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Elizabeth May (Green) retweeted @dypks :

RT @dypks: RT @dypks: @ElizabethMay has some bold ideas to curb hyper-partisanship in the HoC and encourage collaboration:… #cd…

RT @GrimoldiPaolo: #LOMBARDIA, 50 ANNI LOCOMOTIVA ECONOMICA NAZIONALE, MA ORA SERVONO MISURE ECONOMICHE E FISCALI AD HOC PER FAR CORRERE LE NOSTRE IMPRESE Siamo la Regione più popolosa del Paese, che produce oltre 1/5 del Pil nazionale e che guida l’export: non c’è futuro senza la ripresa lombarda!

Ged Killen (UKMPs) replied to @Gedk :

With no functioning NI Assembly and no nationalist voices in the HoC chamber, the PM must recognise the serious democratic deficit that exists in NI and listen carefully to those calling for a final say.

RT @NDPHoC_NPDCdC: RT @NDPHoC_NPDCdC: Here's a look at the projected business for next week in the #HoC. #cdnpoli #NDP

RT @NDPHoC_NPDCdC: RT @NDPHoC_NPDCdC: What’s up in the House of Commons: Here is a look at the rest of the week ahead in the #HoC. #cdnpoli #parl42 https://t.…

RT @NDPHoC_NPDCdC: #HoC: @Daniel_Blaikie supports C-4 repealing Harper's union-bashing C-377 + C-525. Wonders if Liberals support antiscab bill C-234? #NDP

RT @NDPHoC_NPDCdC: In #HoC: @Daniel_Blaikie points out #C24 does nothing but try to paper over #PMJT's problem of naming only women to jr. cabinet posts. #NDP

RT @parismarx: @Cris_Paunescu @ElizabethMay @its_cassc That's not about GPC. It's about ensuring HoC reflects how Canadians vote & that parties can't have all the power without majority support.

Another smart capable young woman leader Amani @BlessedLawstud from #UofT "shadowing" me today in #HOC.

RT @rachitseth: Congress questions ad hoc appointment of CBI Chief, non announcement of New Army Chief & Non appointment of Lokpal by Modi Govt. Imp points