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RT @Imamofpeace: In July, my doctor shaved my head and beard for medical scans. I had to stop my work. Extremists said this was “God’s punishment.” Just letting the extremists know that my hair and [majestic] beard are both back, and my JEWISH/ZIONIST doctor has cleared me from ANY illnesses.😀

God’s finger touched her, and she slept. Dearest Cleo, it is impossible to imagine home without you. 16:3:1997 - 6:4:2020

RT @AbdurrehmanChi5: Shahbaz bhai for God’s sake if you can’t do it for yourself, at least do it for the position that you currently hold. Being in the kitchen cabinet of a government should come with big responsibility, stop with this lame humor, grow up, take responsibility and fight corona.

RT @shefstevewilson: RT @shefstevewilson: @mdbuckley It was a stitch up for God’s sake

RT @TheGabi: RT @TheGabi: From their vocals to God’s ears ◽

sipho mbatha (EFF) retweeted @SissGugu :

RT @SissGugu: Find a corner in your house & speak your heart out to your ancestors. Invite them in your home and lead with God’s energies with incense and a white candle. The best combo of navigating in this tough life. Feed your spirit ✨your guardian angels are always ready to hear from you.

RT @LawMinShadow: RT @LawMinShadow: Did my duty, punishment in God’s hands, says Karnataka HC judge after he resigns…

@MichaelSukkarMP as Minister responsible should bring in the God’s draft legislation to protect Victorians in his own seat from the exploitation at the next sitting. He should do what the gov review recommended in 2015. #whyarewewaiting?

RT @BBCSanaSafi: "I’m the head of a family of 14 people,...I have daughters-in-law, but no sons left. For God’s sake, stop this war." a female protester in Lashkar Gah. #HelmandPeaceMarch #HelmandSitIn…

RT @ShaneClaiborne: When you cut out the 2000 Bible verses about God’s concern for the poor & all the verses about welcoming foreigners & everything Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount... you end up with @Paula_White’s prosperity gospel. This is Trump’s “pastor.”