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RT @BBZardari786: RT @BBZardari786: گلگت بھٹو کا تھا گلگت بھٹو کا ہے گلگت بھٹو کا رہیگا۔۔✌ #GilgitBaltistan

RT @BBZardari786: RT @BBZardari786: گلگت بھٹو کا تھا گلگت بھٹو کا ہے گلگت بھٹو کا رہیگا۔۔✌ #GilgitBaltistan

RT @Majid_PSF: "The relationship of PPP with people #GilgitBaltistan is relation of generations. People of GB know SZAB and SMBB fulfilled their promises they made with them and I believe People of GB know @BBhuttoZardari will fulfil his promises like SZAB & SMBB". #JeetKaNishanTeer

ایسے ہوتے ہیں شہید ۔۔۔ جنھوں نے زندگی بھر بس سچ کا علم اٹھایا اور اُسی کی خاطر جان دی۔ اب یہ #GilgitBaltistan کی غیور عوام کا فیصلہ کہ وہ کس کے ساتھ ہیں ۔ ہم تو اُس تیر کے امین ہیں جو ہر غزوہ سے لیکر آج تک دشمن حق کے گلے میں جاکر پیوست ہوجاتا ہے۔ فیصلہ ضمیر کا ووٹ صرف تیر کا۔

RT @jamilnagri: Above 100 years old wooden bridge, named Apu Ali bridge, established in Firano village of #Ghanche in #GilgitBaltistan, this village situated near LOC between #Pakistan & #India, no iron or cement material has been used, it constructed with rocks & wood, local architecture

RT @anita_chauhan80: Pakistan is coordinating at its level best by NOT providing oxygen cylinders to d hospitals in #GilgitBaltistan Apart frm poor labs & 2 ventilators, the region hasn't received any medical aid frm Pak govt Taliban Khan's heart bleeds fr Kashmir & Gilgit-Baltistan only on Twitter

RT @biafotours: Girls playing Cricket, in a Valley of #GilgitBaltistan. Female players from #Hunza have been representing Pak in international Cricket & football matches. Literacy rate & Gender Equality Index is higher than the rest of the country. Kudos Girls!! #GenderEquality #Empowerment