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Deputy Prime Minister, Leader of New Zealand First. #foreignaffairs #racing #stateownedenterprises Authorised by Winston Peters, Parliament Buildings

RT @ForeignAffairs: RT @ForeignAffairs: India's demonetization has proved to be one of the most disruptive experiments in recent economic history.…

RT @ForeignAffairs: Russia is violating the terms of the INF treaty, and the Trump administration is right to protest. But provocative as Russia’s cheating may be, the U.S. made the wrong decision in walking away, writes @RadioFreeTom.

RT @JaideepAdhvaryu: RT @JaideepAdhvaryu: @ForeignAffairs @husainhaqqani Once again wrong lense... Modi has succeeded because dev + nation first. And not relig…

RT @benjaminhaddad: RT @benjaminhaddad: Truly honored that our piece with @apolyakova was chosen as one of the best articles of the year by @ForeignAffairs ht…

RT @ForeignAffairs: “What is so concerning about Turkey’s global purge is that transnational repression is increasingly woven into the fabric of the international order.”

RT @ForeignAffairs: RT @ForeignAffairs: “The true moral of the story is that when good rules are disregarded, disorder and ruin follow.”