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RT @gabingula: The war of Terror in Ex Fata fought for 17 years away from eyes of media in which thousand innocent pashtun killed, disapeared looted thier homes & markets but never pakistani nation unite against this destruction so on kashmir every one protesting & crying. #DontBeHypocrite

RT @F_bettani: Finally we celebrate FATA Merger in KP mean Loya PUkhtunkhwa AT #BACHA_KHAN_CHOCK Quetta where Provencial ANP NYO and PSF presidents were leading the really. Great Moment for Us.🚩🚩 #Loya_Pukhtunkhwa @AsgharAchakzaii @Palwasha_Abbas @a_siab @Ayakakarkakar2 @BushraGohar

RT @NisarGandapur2: Due to current crisis generated by corona virus ;educational institutions are offering online classes, but ex FATA students are deprive due to lack of internet in area #Restore3G4GinExFATA #SuspendOnlineClasses @manzoorpashteen @gul_marjan @WrrangaLunri2 @a_siab

RT @gabingula: Pashtun khwa assembly passed bill of Ex FATA mines and minerals in spite of strong protest of opposition members. FATA mass condemned it strongly and decided to resist against it. #StopLootingExFATA

RT @zainuddin_kakar: The Pakhtun Long March continues to break ground, the long-suffering people of Fata finally having broken their silence about all that has happened in their region in the name of the ‘greater national interest’. @a_siab #PashtunLongMarch2Quetta…

RT @Mirwaiskk: While rest of country is busy in eid preps, people of FATA r mourning. They r protesting to seek justice for the hardships they are facing. Their MNA's will be in jail during eid while many Young individuals are admitted in hospitals & the rest of country gives no shit abt this

RT @NanGyalSafi: RT @NanGyalSafi: Today n front of Karachi Press Club n solidarity wid Fata Pashtuns @Khushal_Khattak @BushraGohar @a_siab @NYO_Sindh https:…

RT @NanGyalSafi: RT @NanGyalSafi: Today n front of Karachi Press Club n solidarity wid Fata Pashtuns @Khushal_Khattak @BushraGohar @a_siab @NYO_Sindh https:…

RT @zarak_khaan: Latif Afridi 2012 is saying that reforms made by PPP for Fata were not allowed to be passed till draconian law Actions (in aid of civil power)is not made for Fata. Draconian law Actions (in aid of civil power) was passed in 2001 and imposed on Fata in 2008 & still there. @a_siab