All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @sharkpatu: Our landlords took a mortgage holiday on their home but couldn’t on ours, but they shared the savings with us anyway and lowered our rent. Be like our landlords 🙏🏽

RT @mrjamesob: And there it is. Worst fears apparently confirmed. Every single time you told yourself it couldn’t all be down to the pound shop Machiavelli, that nobody could allow these life & death decisions to be taken on the fly, a little voice piped up to remind you who was Prime Minister.

The leader of the ‘Yes movement’ said today that she “couldn’t care less about party politics” and that we were all on the same side. Namely trying to save as many lives as possible. Have a word with yourselves 🤦🏻‍♂️

RT @Roland_DeVries: @ebbaynes @MichelleRempel @JulieSLalonde @acoyne @kinsellawarren Why couldn’t he just say: “I touched her inappropriately and certainly should not have done so. It is for this reason that I apologized the next day. I regret and am sorry for what I did that day.” He could have done so based on the public record and his knowledge of the action.

RT @nataliarooks: Today I rang the bell to signify the end of my cancer treatment!! It’s been a long and difficult year but I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support! Huge thanks to my friends+fam, wards 4+14 @ RVI, radiology @ Freeman, the doctors, @CLIC_Sargent and @TeenageCancer ❤️🎗

Suresh Prabhu (india) tweeted :

Taking a Family photo is #G20 tradition,though many from multilateral agencies,other countries couldn’t make it,all those who attended are ready to work together for common global pubic good in spirit of cooperation

💻 This couldn’t be more urgent. If we are to be part for the extraordinary opportunities that come from the internet then we must be protected from abuse and hate on line. I will make it my job to make sure that happens. #womenandgirlsonline…

RT @Imamofpeace: Putin humiliated Erdogan and his entire entourage by making them wait outside the door until he couldn’t stand anymore. Where he sat is where butlers sit and wait for the next order from the boss. When inside, they stood under the statue of Catherine II.

I’m not a Muslim; I’m not a Jew. I believe in solidarity. I couldn’t vote for either of the ‘leaders’ on the stage tonight. I invite you not to either.

Birgitta Ohlsson (unknown) retweeted @JMN :

RT @JMN: RT @JMN: i couldn’t help but wonder… had the Russian ambassador been meeting with everybody except me?