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Canada’s Official Opposition, led by @AndrewScheer. Pour le français, suivez @PCC_HQ


Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and Leader of the Official Opposition | Chef des conservateurs du Canada et chef de l’Opposition officielle

Chris Alexander (unknown) replied to @kolga :

@kolga ‘Canada’s back’? Not.

COVID Alert - Canada’s National Exposure Notification app - hit over 1M this weekend! Thanks Canada! Let’s keep going. Download for free on the App Store or Google Play! ➡️ iPhone: ➡️ Android:

Don Davies MP (NDP) tweeted :

This is a stunning failure by the Liberals. Canadians deserve to know why the federal government shut down Canada’s pandemic warning system last year.

RT @janemckenna8: RT @janemckenna8: Canada’s flag embodies the ideals and values that unite us — freedom, inclusion, peace — and inspire others around the wo…

James Moore (unknown) tweeted :

A leading candidate to be Canada’s next Governor General

RT @brucemac46: RT @brucemac46: U.S. health system costs four times more to run than Canada’s single-payer system…

Peter Julian (NDP) tweeted :

Elite #OnePercent of Canada’s wealthiest families hold 25.6% of Canada’s wealth - about 3 TRILLION. ⬆️ from 13.7% under previous methodology. Yet Canada needs post covid social security investments. ⬆️ inequality gap ✅We need a fair tax system NOW!…

Elizabeth May (Green) retweeted @BobRae48 :

RT @BobRae48: Thanks for very kind comments on my appointment as Canada’s UN Ambassador. Grateful for the opportunity! My parents are smiling...

Dr. Hedy Fry (Liberal) tweeted :

Starting today, the expanded CEBA is now available at Canada’s major banks, and will gradually become available at the 230 financial institutions administering CEBA. You can find more information about the expanded criteria here:

RT @PierrePoilievre: RT @PierrePoilievre: Canada’s credit rating downgrade was years in the making. My statement: