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Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and Leader of the Official Opposition | Chef des conservateurs du Canada et chef de l’Opposition officielle

Absolutely ridiculous. There’s nothing “political” about supporting Canada’s energy sector. Oil and gas fuels our country and our economy. And this sector provides jobs and supports our communities. We should all support these workers it. Full stop.

RT @YRobertsonCa: Small businesses and entrepreneurs are the cornerstone of Canada’s economy. Innovation, technology, and hard work are wha…

As a part of my real plan for Canada’s environment I will work with municipalities and provinces to end this practice. Canada’s waterways should not be used as a toxic dumping ground. Justin Trudeau has failed to protect our lakes and rivers. He is #NotAsAdvertised.

RT @cannabiseuropa: 🔳 What will be the value of Canada’s first-mover advantage as Europe’s industry grows? 🔳 Does the fragmented nature of…

Canada’s summer song.

RT @FraserInstitute: NEW STUDY: Canada’s federal carbon tax may cause “carbon leakage”—where firms relocate industrial activity to countrie…

40 years today since Canada’s 13th Prime Minister passed on. The author of Canada’s Bill of Rights, a formidable champion of “One Canada”, and someone who made the time for an inquisitive 9-year old. Thank you Mr. Diefenbaker.

RT @Thomas_dAquino: I encourage friends to support our cause. It’s about saving the historic #ChateauLaurier and standing up for Canada’s p…

RT @MarkAdlerMP: #DYK that Canada’s net debt is the lowest of any G-7 country.#Budget2015 #EAP2015 #cdnpoli

RT @MarkAdlerMP: #Canada’s net #debt is the lowest of any #G-7 country!