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Folketingskandidat for Radikale Venstre i Nordsjælland. "Run, if can't run, walk, if you can't walk, crawl! as long as you keep moving forward!" Dr. King


@WelshLabour MP for Cardiff West & @CommonsDCMS Select Committee Member. Constituency casework can't be dealt with here please email

RT @Gray_Mackenzie: "I can't stress how disappointed I am with Pres. Trump for making this decision … I’m not going to rely on President Trump, or any PM or President of any other country again. Our manufacturing, we're gearing up and once they start, we’re never going to stop them" – Doug Ford

RT @David__Osland: I now have 16.8k followers, while .@lukeakehurst is on 16.9k. This can't be right. Can I get 200 more followers before the Starmer takeover, please?

RT @femmenistfatale: RT @femmenistfatale: Have you paid to be a Labour supporter for the leadership election & been told you can't be found on the electoral reg…

RT @AlanCarr: RT @AlanCarr: Can't believe Greyfriars Bus Station's been demolished - not cos it's an eyesore - I was taking my mum to the caff there for …

RT @Mark89672170: @willquince People also need to live and ten's of thousands of families and people on benefits can't afford to buy new products if they fail through out lockdown. The only way to replace these things is with second hand goods!!

RT @_SJPeace_: RT @_SJPeace_: Ok THIS IS EVERYTHING ❤ My heart can't ◽

I can't believe the Metro actually published this. People who don't understand the concept of per capita shouldn't be allowed to write articles about crime demographics. @FaimaBakar…

Sadiq Khan (Labour) tweeted :

On a virtual tour of NHS Nightingale, I saw the true scale of the fight ahead. Londoners: I can't stress how vital it is for all of us to play our part and stay at home.   #StayHomeStaySafe @MetroUK @NightingaleLDN…

Gavin Robinson (dup) retweeted @radarNI :

RT @radarNI: RT @radarNI: Busy day today with three schools visiting RADAR.... can't wait! Whie we breathe we learn #radarni #eustonstreet…

RT @BootstrapCook: Hi. I can't stand by any more and not say something. I have a large public platform and I try to use it for good. But what good is all the rest of the 'good' if I stay quiet on one of the biggest and most dangerous atrocities facing our country today? Take a seat.