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Shadow Women and Equalities Secretary @uklabour Member of Parliament for Battersea Email: Call: 0207 924 1973

Sass Henno

you can’t have no fun with an unloaded gun, my dad says thats for pussies

Dan Carden MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

We can’t go back to a low paid, exploitative jobs market. We can’t go back to a social security system that punishes people instead of supporting them. And we can’t go back to an economy that fails to meet our basic needs and puts our future at risk.…

RT @ebadahmed: “I know I will lose. I know I have nothing in hand, but I can’t tell my wife that. I know nothing will happen, they won’t bear the consequences of what they did with my daughter because they are rich and powerful." My report. (1)

RT @scotexec: No. @ScotGovFM will lead for @scotgov. @NicolaSturgeon is a Scottish Nationalist Party account. If the BBC can’t tell where politics ends and governance begins, why should we expect better of anyone else.

@DrNikitaMehra Can’t agree more, Ma’am! :’)

RT @kaushikcbasu: India’s drastic economic slowdown is hurting. It can’t be rationalized as cost of Covid containment. It’s critical for the Finance Ministry to inject stimulus. There’s enough talent in India—in universities, govt & pvt sector, that, brought to the table, can design such a policy.

RT @WritingDegree: Some great Final Major Project ideas from the year 3 students today - can’t wait to read their novels and scripts. Also, we got free study skills📚 books! @gicreativearts #writingcommunity #welcometoDCI

Our police give their all to protect us every single day, this is truly awful news. Can’t imagine how heartbroken their family and colleagues are.

UK Government can’t be taken seriously in its condemnation of Belarus breaking international law, in its abuse of democracy & human rights, if It still intends to break international law itself

RT @LouiseRawAuthor: The Associate Editor of the Telegraph, shrieking at her cleaner and looking at them as if they’re dirt. Can’t get the staff, eh @CamillaTominey?

RT @coffeeshopjihad: My neighborhood sent out an email telling us that our kids can’t color on the pavement or sidewalks with chalk. And they’re sorry the kids are bored, but this is a neighborhood rule. What the actual fuck?