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RT @Conservatives: 🚨 BREAKING: Our landmark Immigration Bill has 𝐏𝐀𝐒𝐒𝐄𝐃 in the House of Commons ✅ ✍️ We're ending free movement, taking back control and introducing a points-based immigration system 👇

RT @sahouraxo: RT @sahouraxo: BREAKING: US armored vehicles entered #Syria from Jordan. Whether this is a routine illegal incursion or something bigger re…

RT @Ruptly: RT @Ruptly: BREAKING: Shopping centre in #Paris evacuated over 'armed individual' reports

RT @sahouraxo: Breaking: Israel violates Lebanese and Syrian sovereignty, yet again, and launches missile attacks on Syria’s capital of Damascus. Looks like someone isn’t happy with the US withdrawal and is clearly aiming to prolong the war.…

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RT @sahouraxo: BREAKING: Israel is bombing Homs, #Syria from #Lebanon’s airspace. Even in the midst of a #coronavirus pandemic that is ravaging the world, Israel continues its tradition of terrorizing Syrian and Lebanese civilians, while operating as the air force of Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

RT @sahouraxo: BREAKING: Israel bombed #Syria’s Damascus from #Lebanon’s airspace. Even as the world fights the #COVIDー19 pandemic, Israel doesn’t take a break from terrorizing the Syrian and Lebanese peoples in the early hours of the morning as they’re sleeping. Where is the global uproar?

RT @sahouraxo: BREAKING: Israel is bombing #Damascus yet again, operating as the air force of Al-Qaeda, and terrorizing the people of #Syria in the middle of the night. Another act of state terrorism by Israel that will go by without so much as a condemnation from the international community.

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RT @sahouraxo: BREAKING: Israel bombs #Syria AGAIN from Lebanon’s airspace, right in the middle of the night as Syrian and Lebanese families are sleeping. Every time Al-Qaeda is on the verge of total defeat, Israel intervenes to boost the morale of its terrorist proxies and keep the war going.

RT @Partisangirl: BREAKING: Harvey Weinstein has been diagnosed with #Coronavirus . How is it that all these famous people and political leaders are getting it? Who visited him?

RT @Partisangirl: A fun thread on the chemistry behind how soap deactivates #coronavirus by breaking up its outer layer. The layer it needs to bind to your cells and inject its RNA.