All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @NinetyFive_UK: RT @NinetyFive_UK: An eagle's view as it flies through the sky. Absolutely awe inspiring bird's eye view.

RT @Grantomac: RT @Grantomac: Bird's eye view of @VADundee development.

RT @VancityBuzz: This graphic photo of a bird's nest made out of needles shows the sad reality of the opioid crisis in #Vancouver:

RT @OttomanArchive: RT @OttomanArchive: Bird's-Eye View of Cairo, Egypt, 1593 (Kahire, Mısır)

RT @BordenRhodes: RT @BordenRhodes: Bird's eye of the #C51DayOfAction in Toronto from school. #C51 could make these people 'terrorists'. @GreenpeaceCA http:/…