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Member Balochistan Assembly, Former Senator & Member National Assembly Pakistan. Senior Constitutional Adviser (UNDP). Balochistan National Party


President of Balochistan National Party. Member National Assembly NA-269

RT @tufailelif: RT @tufailelif: India has never been an occupier state which Pakistan is in #PoK and #Balochistan. India didn't stay in Bangladesh. https:/…

RT @AniqaNisar: Made Qurut for dinner. - Qurut is a traditional food from #Balochistan, made of fermented dried goat milk. #Pakistan #Pashtun #Dinner #BeautifulPakistan #tradition #culture #cuisine

RT @IhteshamAfghan: Today in the National Assembly, @mjdawar raised voice 4 students of tribal belt, balochistan, & chitral. He questioned if internet z nt gvn due to 4th generation war, dn why do we have internet across the country. It shd b stopd across. Everyone knows architects of terrorism.

RT @zainuddin_kakar: When pashtuns were left in Balochistan by British Raj with identity crisis. @a_siab @MalikAchkJourno @Advjalila @saman305 @Chiltan @BarkhurdarAchak @rafiullahkakar

RT @omar_quraishi: RT @omar_quraishi: Balochistan High Court Chief Justice Jamal Khan Mandokhail and his eight family members have tested positive for the Cor…

RT @dahrinoor2: Excellent & worth reading article by @Jan_Achakzai Politician from Balochistan bluntly questions why Pakistan is still stuck in a decades old policy towards Israel, when the Palestinian cause apart from rhetoric has lost its importance for Arab countries.…

RT @Majid_Agha: NICVD ❤️ Sukkur - strategically situated on junction of Sindh with only an hour drive to Punjab and Balochistan, serving the people not only from Sindh, but Balochistan and Southern Punjab upto Bahawalpur and Multan. #ThankyouSindhGovt.

RT @EPNNEWS: Jan Achakzai says time has come to punish #India for its interference in #Balochistan. Soldiers’ blood will not go in vain. Exclusive interview of Jan Achakzai @AchakzaiOffice @Jan_Achakzai For details click here