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This is Australia's defining moment. Years from now, how will we look back at the decisions we made during this crisis? Did we have the imagination to build of a better and fairer Australia? Or will we regret the missed opportunities? It’s for us to decide. #auspol

All parts of Australia's #aviation industry have been hit hard by COVID-19, the Aus Govt is working with industry & the community to chart the industry's post-pandemic recovery. More details on the 'Future of Aviation' Discussion Paper here #regionsmatter

RT @fergushunter: RT @fergushunter: Newspaper loophole demostrates how outdated Australia's media ownership laws are… via @smh

RT @fergushunter: PM says Australia has done 162,747 tests, which means Australia's testing rate is 5 times the UK's and 25 times the US. He says it is also higher than South Korea and puts Australia "right at the top" in global testing rates. #COVID19au

RT @fergushunter: NEW: A US-Australia agreement under the CLOUD Act is facing resistance (as predicted by some) because of Australia's encryption-subverting Assistance and Access legislation. @RepJerryNadler has expressed his concerns in a letter to @PeterDutton_MP.…

RT @PaulineHansonOz: STATEMENT | English Is Vital For Australia's Survival The lesson from the pandemic is that Government needs to ramp up its expectations of all new arrivals to learn our national language for the benefit & safety of the individual & for society as a whole.…

RT @paulbirder: Aptly named, the Beautiful firetail is one of Australia's finches. Also known as the Firetail Finch or Tasmanian Finch #wildoz #birding

RT @mcannonbrookes: Australia's Chief Scientist is wrong on gas "Our concern... relates to the scale and speed of the decarbonisation challenge required to meet the Paris Agreement, and, in particular, your support for the use of gas as a transition fuel over ‘many decades'”…

Australia's international students are going hungry, with 60% now unemployed. Despite this shocking reality, the Federal Government is letting more come to Australia #auspol… via @SBSNews