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RT @abhijeet_dipke: RT @abhijeet_dipke: My most fav. part of AAP's campaign. #Dance4Democracy is back in Delhi!…

RT @abhijeet_dipke: Delhi has a tendency of giving all 7 seats to one party. These images clearly indicates that this time AAP's broom will sweep all 7 seats of Delhi. #DilliWithKejriwal

RT @abhijeet_dipke: AAP's vote share is 18% more than BJP. Plus the 10% of the swing voters usually votes for the winning party. This could be another landslide victory for AAP. Kejriwal vs Kaun?

RT @benitakolovos: According to ACCC's Rod Sims "smaller media players are more reliant on AAP than the larger players, so AAP's closure will be detrimental for competition".… via @australian

RT @AAPTELANGANA: AAP's Nation Building Campaign launched in Telangana by State Co-Incharge @pkakkar81, State Convenor @Ramu9059334000. Give a miss call on 9871010101 to join us. @SanjayAzadSln @attorneybharti

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RT @ndtv: Watch | "Hindus in danger", "Will you sell your country for Rs 200 worth of electricity?": AAP's Saurabh Bhardwaj denounces these slogans heard on voting day. #DelhiElections2020 #ResultsWithNDTV

RT @rssurjewala: RT @rssurjewala: @ArvindKejriwal AAP's lies nailed. Exaggerated claims, sensationalism galore with truth as biggest casualty!…

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Our politics is of empowerment, AAP's of entitlement. #DelhiWithBJP

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RT @AAPInNews: RT @AAPInNews: Delhi Elections 2020: AAP's Sanjay Singh Uses 'Gangs Of Wasseypur' Takedown Against Manoj Tiwari - NDTV…

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RT @neo_pac: RT @neo_pac: Unheard of anywhere in the world let alone India! #AAP's promissory guarantee cards #AAPkaGoa @ArvindK…