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@NZGreens MP in Auckland Central. Another bloody millennial on the social medias. “Hopelessly woke” - Hosking #AuthorisedBy Gwen Shaw, 17 Garrett St, WLG

Just trying to have a chill meeting @_chloeswarbrick... Auckland Central Represent yo ✊◽

RT @Mellay_: Quickfire round: fave song atm @emmamellow: Taylor Swift album @_chloeswarbrick: WAP Helen: ... WHAM The variety, lol!

RT @Lavender_Patch: @MadMaclegend @paulabennettmp @_chloeswarbrick Data here re: prison… In Whangārei DC last year I watched single mum of 6 & g'ma of 3 get prison for cannabis cultivation (benefit alone couldn't support her family). I forgot exact sentence but it was over a year. Devastating consequences.

RT @chamfy: In reducing @_chloeswarbrick to a celebrity,Helen White is dangerously close to making the same type of demeaning comments that opposition campaigns made about Jacinda. Politics needs more exceptional young women & no election is worth undermining that tbh…

RT @roryreckons: @_chloeswarbrick @NZGreens If you are skeptical about voting for @_chloeswarbrick, I'd recommend talking to her if she's available, any doubts will be cast from your mind. She's a focused, dedicated and caring individual who will represent Auckland City well.

RT @Salty_tbh: RT @Salty_tbh: When you become a fan of new music because you follow @_chloeswarbrick on Instagram #oops

@TheNakedProfes1 @KhyleeQ @formerlydaniels @davidfarrier @CocosCantina @karlo_mila @LeilaniTamu @_chloeswarbrick Um that is VERY clearly a face screen shot. The font isn't even trying to be the same as what twitter looks like. I'm reporting this tweet as fake. You really devalue your online contribution by spreading fakes like this. Why would you do this?

RT @SarinMods: Fave @notwaucklandnz Memory Part XVIII: That time @_chloeswarbrick was running the venue's marcomms and had to resign b/c she was running for Mayor of Auckland to "shake things up". Life comes at you fast. ♥️ Help preserve a piece of political history! 😅…

I need my chevron crop top back off your band mate @_chloeswarbrick…