All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @_AfricanSoil: 🔓[NEVER SEEN BEFORE IMAGES] #MarikanaMassacre This is the information that never reached the Farlam Commission. There were SANDF Snippers in Lonmin premises on the day miners were shot and killed They were placed at the Furnace number 1 rooftop; accompanied by John Davis

RT @_AfricanSoil: Why are you lying? You just never stop insulting black people. You disgusting. This is supposed to an "inspiring" story? 🙄 Because black people don't get good marks and awarded aviation bursaries; they have to sell biscuits and fruits to make it? Niyasijwayela nina.…

RT @_AfricanSoil: [SHOCKING] I've just been informed that Judge Kriegler has advised that in order to remove the PP; she must be declared BANKRUPT so she is SEQUESTERED & use that in court (to appear as unfit to hold office) a WHOLE judge @OCJ_RSA where do we report this? #CapturedSAJudiciary