All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @FacundoSavala: Shout out to my favourite cybernat @80_mcswan! 👋👋👋 Callum has over 36,000 Twitter followers. 👍 If this doesn't tell you what you need to know about the Yes/#IndyRef2 movement, I don't know what will! 😬😬😬…

RT @jorgesomontes61: @TubinoCarlos @elcomercio_peru @pierfigari 36,000 mil personas recluidas en las carceles con prision preventiva, ahi una solución para bajar el hacinamiento en las carceles y q deben estar en sus casas esperando su proceso sin estar detenidos, ahora no hay justificación alguna de q van a fugar ... 👇 #KeikoLibertad

AFP ya perdieron 36,000 millones de soles de nuestro dinero de los fondos de pensiones, en solo 32 días. ¿Para eso le pagamos tanto dinero?

RT @spectatorindex: Cost of hip replacement, 2018. United States: $40,364 Israel: $36,000 South Korea: $21,000 Thailand: $17,000 Turkey: $13,900 Singapore: $13,900 Mexico: $13,500 Vietnam: $9,250 Colombia: $8,400 Jordan: $8,000 Malaysia: $8,000 India: $7,200 (Medical Tourism Association)

Karen Buck (Labour) retweeted @b_judah :

RT @b_judah: RT @b_judah: London is a #PanamaLeaks city: over 36,000 properties are owned offshore - equalling 2.25 square miles.

Congress in News (india) tweeted :

#Congress alleges Rs 36,000 cr #PDS scam in #Chhattisgarh, wants CM Raman Singh to quit

Eric Ciotti (france) retweeted @OIRSpox :

RT @OIRSpox: VIDEO: Here’s what it looks like when @USAFCENT #F15 and #F35 jets drop 36,000 Kg of bombs on a Daesh infested island. 🛩💥 هكذا تبدوا الجزيرة الموبوءة بداعش بعد أن أسقطت عليها الطائرات المقاتلة #أف-15 و #أف-35 36,000 كغم من الذخيرة

Joe Oliver (unknown) tweeted :

Today, our Government officially launched Canada Summer Jobs 2012 which will create up to 36,000 jobs for...

RT @caffiffortisimo: RT @caffiffortisimo: Ceredigion yn mynd i orfod gwario £36,000 ar y Gymraeg?! Wow mae hynny bron cymaint â chyflog rhywun yn y BBC... #wiwo

RT @vanbadham: Australia, even when you’re awful, you’re amazing. Read this to the end about the 36,000 disqualified postal survey votes and you’ll know immediately what I mean. #auspol #MarriageEquality