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RT @Rob_Kimbell: 31.9 million people live in Portuguese-speaking Commonwealth member Mozambique. Cities with populations of over half a million: Maputo (1.1), Matola (1.0m), Nampula (0.7m), Beira (0.6m). UK exports of goods to Mozambique in 2019 were worth £125 million, up 400%. UNDESA, RMC, ONS

RT @RedHotSquirrel: RT @RedHotSquirrel: Youth unemployment: 33.8% Spain 31.9% Italy 20.4% France 11.7% UK TradingEconomics

Proyectos de #saneamiento tuvieron avance de apenas 23.4%, #transportes sólo se avanzó 31.5% y #educación 31.9%.

Proyectos de saneamiento tuvieron avance de apenas 23.4%. En Transportes sólo se avanzó 31.5%, y en Educación 31.9%

Don Davies (NDP) tweeted :

"@davidakin: New EKOS poll "Robo Schmobo": #CPC 31.9, #NDP 25.8, #LPC 24.4 #cdnpoli" Ekos = Frank Graves = Lib Donor!!